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We provide a solution-driven approach to the protection of property against intruders and unwanted visitors Using state of the art CCTV combined with the Abbey mobile patrol response team we quickly validate an appropriate response.

Abbey control room personnel are trained to interpret events and will liaise with the police, key holders, or our mobile officers and the emergency services to ensure the security of your Property.

With ever increasing employment costs electronic security solutions are becoming more popular, Abbey is able to offer remote monitoring services with 24 hrs control room infrastructure to provide the monitoring back up that is viable and cost effective alternative to site based security officers.

Remote monitoring technology is becoming increasingly sophisticated and can be adapted to suit a variety of needs. For example, entry barriers can be activated using two way audio access controlled.

Whether you need a simple observation system to act as a deterrent or a complete CCTV solution with recording functions Abbey Security have the solution for you.

IP CCTV operates on existing wired & wireless TCP/IP Computer Networks and removes the need for running separate cables for the CCTV system, making installation quick, convenient and cost effective.

As the CCTV system operates over a network the cameras can be assessed by anyone on the same network or via the internet and recorded on a PC. Another advantage of IP CCTV cameras is that they connect directly to the network or ADSL ( broadband) connection therefore eliminating the need for a PC.

At the same time, we can offer the full range of skills and services required to help you fully exploit the benefits of your investment in CCTV.

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